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Embrace the integration of compliance and technology

We are practitioners and technologists who embed our experience and knowledge in the best technologies to create solutions for our clients.

Our Missions

Be Regulator Ready

We are united with our clients to help them stay compliant, so we design our solutions to help them meet modern regulatory requirements and be ready for a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

Single Compliance Platform

We are determined to challenge the status quo of disconnected workflows and transform the landscape of compliance technology with our single compliance platform that covers the entire transaction monitoring process.

Built for Small Teams

We deeply care about our users because we believe a small group of users can do a lot of good. We want to empower each user so they can do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Innovation and Standards

We will continue to engage with our clients and industry to drive innovation and lead industry standards through our platform.


In AML compliance

An AML TM solution is a partnership between Compliance, Business and IT. Our experience in the end-to-end configuration and implementation of legacy AML TM solutions has given us a unique insight into the needs of our clients and users.





In the global industry

The global AML compliance community contributes to industry best practices and regulatory expectations. Our global experience has led us to realize the importance of how the design and functionalities of our solution could impact banks and their AML program’s future sustainability.

Meet the team

Bryan Chan

Founder & CEO


Bryan has broad experience in AML Transaction Monitoring (TM), KYC and Sanctions. He specializes in AML TM, and has worked with global banks to implement enterprise-wide AML transaction monitoring platforms, as well as many foreign overseas branch operations that require a more targeted approach.

In addition, Bryan's favorite activity is reading time with his 1 year old baby daughter. Currently, their favorite book is the Bizzy Bear series. Bryan hopes to start reading Harry Potter with her soon.

Mikhail Torozerov

Front-End Developer


Mikhail is our front-end developer. He's also a learning enthusiast with special interests in Angular and .NET.

Mikhail is a big dreamer and likes to spend his free time indulging in games, manga, music and fitness.






"There is no path and yet, we seek it, insatiably. Such is our fate"

  - DarkSouls II 

CJ Hsu

Data Analyst


The efficiency and accuracy required to drive into the core of a question is what CJ finds the most attractive about data analysis. He enjoys all types of data modeling - especially NLP and Machine Learning.

CJ's data analysis performance is best improved by a cup of boba tea and some K-pop. Unfortunately, he's having a difficult time finding good boba in Seoul; but he's happy there will never be a K-pop shortage. Although CJ now accepts ice americanos and tteokbokki in lieu of boba, he hasn't yet given up on his mission to find good boba in Seoul!

Our Tech Stack 

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