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Advanced AML TM solution built for small teams

Simplify and reduce Compliance operations with

a modern AML Transaction Monitoring solution.


Advanced features built to target modern AML Compliance regulatory requirements


Tune & Optimize thresholds

Set AML rule thresholds with 1-click.

Alert & case projections

Understand the impact of your decisions.

Case risk scoring

Prioritize your cases by risk ranking.

ATL/BTL sampling & testing

Validate AML rules using statistics with 1-click.

Legacy Solutions

We specialise in AML Compliance,
and build for Compliance teams

Our product design draws from our hands-on experience as compliance users

who faced challenges with conducting regular tasks and meeting regulatory requirements

due to limitations in existing AML TM solutions.

Set & optimize AML rule thresholds in minutes not weeks

1-click approach to set thresholds for AML rules based on industry best practice methodology. Data driven analysis helps Compliance to a make better and more defensible decisions.


Get started with blueBox today

Comprehensive Implementation

In-house team of experience professionals who understands how to integrate our product into your banking organization.

On-site Training
and Documentation

We conduct on-site training where traveling is feasible. We want to get close out our end users and give them a hands-on experience.

Premium Support
and Maintenance

24/7; 4 hours SLA response for product support will be provided by a dedicated customer support team.

Try out blueBox for yourself

Take the burden off your team and meet industry requirement effortlessly.

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