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Built-in advanced features to support small teams


Methodology Implementation

Methodologies are implemented as 1-click approach to set thresholds for AML rules based on pre-defined threshold setting methodology. Methodology driven statistical analysis helps compliance to make better decisions.


Configure the base threshold types

Define the scope of transactions to be included in the rule execution


Set up the specific threshold values

Determine how the rule filters through data and generates alerts


Review with a simplified process

Confirm threshold configuration details in summary


Model Validation & Testing

Above the line (ATL) and below the line (BTL) sampling based on pre-defined testing methodology for model validation and testing.

Understand historical test results

Use testing history as a good source of reference for future testing needs

Execute ATL/BTL test

Generate alerts from sampling methodology to test and validate AML rules

Set up the test

Configure test to pull samples for testing

Run projections first

View sample test populations for configured test


AML Rules Engine

Library of classic AML rules that meet global AML Compliance rules & expectations. Re-designed AML rule logic to focus on transactional behavior instead of dollar amount thresholds.


Understand the rule configuration process

Step-by-step wizard guide to help you setup each AML rule


Manage rules as needed

Add or remove rules and keep up with rules management to generate the appropriate alerts


Keep track of rule run history

Find out when and which version of certain rules were run


Case Management

Case investigation module that manages the workflow for investigators to disposition cases. Case profile provides in-depth look at the triggers for each individual alerts across multiple rules.

Start investigation with the wizard

Navigate and investigate the case with ease


View alerts related activities

Decide the severity of a case by diving deeper into the details of alert generation


Manage reviewers and approvers

Set reviewers and approver for each case to limit and track user access


Take notes notes while investigating

Write the case narrative while viewing case information


Reporting & Documentation

On-demand document generation to ease the tasks to produce records for internal and external review. Documentation includes analysis that was relied upon, decisions that were made, and rationale to support decisions.


Compiled details in standardized manner

All details of the rule including decisions and configuration settings are captured in the documentation

Auto-generated documentation

1-click to generate rule threshold analysis report

View the whole document in the first glance

Allow a quick glance for the details in summary


Data Quality & Lineage

Assess data quality of key data elements by using data profiling and discovery functions. View business definitions of data elements in data catalog.


Study the different analyses for each attribute

​Detect and address data issues before running rules

View the cascading impact of the data through data lineage

Prevent further unforeseen complications and data quality issues by understanding the data catalog and lineage

Try out blueBox for yourself

Take the burden off your team and meet industry requirement effortlessly

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