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Let's talk about
what only AML Compliance knows

Existing AML Transaction Monitoring products focus on only a 20% of what's needed for managing an AML TM program.

Alert Investigation

Case management tools to review disposition cases and alerts.

Transaction Monitoring

Classic rule-based models that generate alerts on potentially suspicious activities.

IT resource constraints

AML Transaction Monitoring has a larger

technology & data footprint than other AML

areas, which limits Compliance team ability to fully operate AML TM without Data and IT teams.

Reporting & Documentation

Continuous and automated reporting and updated documentation for internal or external review.

Model Optimization & Management

High alert volume and high false positive rates require frequent and continuous optimization of models.

Model Validation & Testing

Modern regulatory requirements demand robust and continuous validation and testing.

Alert Projections

Unpredictable and escalating Compliance operational burden pressures small teams to do more.

Data Quality & Lineage

Modern regulatory requirements to validate and test consistently for data lineage and quality.

What lurks below the surface has become a heavy burden for compliance teams.

blueBox empowers AML Compliance team to conduct the necessary tasks without the dependency on external consultants, IT or data teams.

blueBox Value Proposition

Fully Integrated

Integrate compliance practices with technology solution.

Cost Effective

blueBox provides a sustainable
solution to reduce implementation
and ongoing cost.

In-country Support

blueBox will have in-country team to provide Compliance and IT support.

Compliance Specialization

blueBox is an enterprise solution specialize in Compliance.


blueBox data can be managed
centrally, but users are localized.

Product Development

Iterative and fast product development cycles provides customers with the latest updated software.

Regulatory Compliant

Rules Engine, Documentation, Data Quality, and Model management modules are regulatory compliant.


Collaboration with our customers will build a strong community to share best practices.

How blueBox differ

  • Designed to meet AML regulations that were defined 20+ years ago.

  • Provide technical capabilities to banks and users.

  • Implementation cost is high due to lengthy timelines (>9 months).

  • Complex implementation as it requires banks to hire external consultants to conduct data analysis to configure solution.

  • Maintenance costs are high as banks need to develop their custom process to review, optimize and configure AML rules and threshold values annually.

  • Each overseas branch will require a new installation of the software, and could require a whole new set of hardware.

  • Critical functionalities and features are not available and are bank's responsibility to develop. E.g. rules selection, threshold methodology, and case investigation policy & procedure.

  • Custom and manual processes needs to be developed or used for periodic model validation and testing.

Legacy solutions

Regulatory Compliance



AML TM Solution

Validation & Testing

  • Designed from the ground up to meet modern regulatory requirements.

  • Designed based on practitioner’s experience and users' need rather than software technical requirements.

  • Short implementation timelines (<3 months) as all configurations can be completed within the software.

  • Low ongoing maintenance cost as processes are automated or pre-defined for users such as model validation and periodic threshold optimization.

  • Manage multiple overseas branches' AML TM programs in a single software installation in HQ.

  • Each branch can have a independent set of users, rules, methodology and policy.

  • Defined step-by-step processes to help banks fully configure the solution and AML rules.

  • Workflows and processes are
    pre-configured to follow defined policy & procedure that allows banks to customize.

  • Alert sampling based on testing methodology are built-in features in the solution, so banks are ready to respond to internal or external auditors.

  • Documentations are always up-to-date and can be auto-generated on demand to meet immediate needs.


What we offer

Comprehensive Implementation

In-house team of experience professionals who understands how to integrate our product into your banking organization.

On-site Training
and Documentation

We conduct on-site training where traveling is feasible. We want to get close out our end users and give them a hands-on experience.

Premium Support
and Maintenance

24/7; 4 hours SLA response for product support will be provided by a dedicated customer support team.

Try out blueBox for yourself

Take the burden off your team and meet industry requirement effortlessly.

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