Our AML Transaction Monitoring solution

Our product is designed to be sustainable and low maintenance. By offering the following key features, blueBox proves to be a comprehensive end-to-end solution to meet modern regulatory requirements and expectations


Data Quality & Data Lineage


Methodology Implementation


Model Validation & Testing


AML Rules Engine

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Case Management


Reporting & Documentation

Data Quality & Lineage

Assess data quality of key data elements by using data profiling and discovery functions. View business definitions of data elements in data catalog. 


Legacy Solutions


  • Designed to meet AML regulations that were defined 20+ years ago

  • Provide technical capabilities to banks and users

  • Designed from the ground up to meet modern regulatory requirements

  • Designed based on practitioner’s experience and users' need rather than software technical requirements

Regulatory Compliance

  • Implementation cost is high due to lengthy timelines ( > 9 months)

  • Complex implementation as it requires banks to hire external consultants to conduct data analysis to configure solution

  • Maintenance costs are high as banks need to develop their custom process to review, optimize and configure AML rules and threshold values annually

  • Short implementation timelines (<3 months) as all configurations can be completed within the software

  • Low ongoing maintenance cost as processes are automated or pre-defined for users such as model validation and periodic threshold optimization


  • Each overseas branch will require a new installation of the software, and could require a whole new set of hardware

  • Manage multiple overseas branches' AML TM programs in a single software installation in HQ 

  • Each branch can have a independent
    set of users, rules, methodology and policy


  • Critical functionalities and features are not available and are bank's responsibility to develop. E.g. rules selection, threshold methodology, and case investigation policy & procedure 

  • Defined step-by-step processes to help banks fully configure the solution and AML rules

  • Workflows and processes are
    pre-configured to follow defined policy & procedure that allows banks to customize

End-to-End AML TM Solution

  • Custom and manual processes needs  to be developed or used for periodic model validation and testing

  • Alert sampling based on testing methodology are built-in features in the solution, so banks are ready to respond to internal or external auditors

  • Documentations are always up-to-date and can be auto-generated on demand to meet immediate needs

Validation & Testing

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