existing solutions

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existing solutions focus on transaction monitoring and alert investigation. 

these are important, but what you do with the information gathered through these processes really make or break the product 

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holistic approach

description of how our product provides a holistic solution to AML and compliance needs

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our AML transaction monitoring solution provides more than just monitoring and investigation. 

we provide an easy solution for reporting and documentation, model validation and testing, model optimization and management, and data quality & lineage. 


We believe products that are designed and developed from the ground up with sustainability as its core principle will deliver the long-term value our clients crave for


is our Anti-money laundering Transaction Monitoring solution. It is an integrated end-to-end TM system to support financial institution to be compliant with AML rules and regulation

Core layer

Core modules of blueBox house the critical functions of AML TM

Secondary layer

Modules that add efficiency and improve effectiveness for our larger customers

Supporting layer

Modules that are customizable to fit customer’s specific internal policies, processes or local regulatory requirements